Let’s paint a panda

Wonderfully old fashioned illustrations by Kimiaki Yaegashi.


Photographing the Japanese Yakuza

After nine months of negotiating the Belgian photographer Anton Kusters finally got permission to shoot pictures of the Japanese Yakuza and live amongst them. Two years he followed them. The result you can find in his book called ‘Odo Yakuza Tokyo’.

Check out some pictures here: The Cherry Blossom way

Rotterdam – Stockholm

In exactly a month me, and two of my friends, will go on a road trip from Rotterdam to Stockholm. Between 1400 and 1500 kilometers. On our trip we will hit Hamburg and Copenhagen and finally we will end up in Stockholm for the International Film Festival, and hopefully some great parties.

Besides the fact I’m excited, road trip means freedom for me, I will hopefully take a lot of great pictures as well which will be posted here. Whenever the time is there you should check them out.

For now, let’s enjoy the preparation phase.